Sunday, November 15, 2009

1996 Explorer - The First Power Tool

So in 1996, I got a new job and tripled my commute. No way I was going to subject a 29 year-old classic to 110 miles a day.

It was a fun purchase, actually. This was before everyone had the internet, had begun publishing invoice prices, so when the quoted price was something like $3K above invoice, I told them that I knew the invoice price and what they were going to get in credits from Ford, and what I was willing to pay in dealer profit.

So I rolled off in a white '96 Explorer. Yes, an SUV. But this is what I call a power tool. It was very useful to haul sailing gear and my crew, later my bicycles. And it was my first tow vehicle when I started cart racing. I think I had 180,000 miles on it when I traded it in for a new one just like it. It was a great power tool that had worn well and fit my hands. It would take a while for the new one to fit me as well.

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