Sunday, November 15, 2009

1967 Mustang - Part 2

I simply maintained the Mustang and kept it in the garage for most of the years from '84 until 2004. My priorities had switched to sailboat racing, I had bought a 1984 Z-28 and put 150,000 miles on it before selling it in '95.

That started the first freshening of the Mustang. I didn't want to pop for a new car, deciding instead to make the Mustang worthy of a daily driver again. Rebuilt suspension (ball joints and bushings) and brakes (original drums all around, of course), new Goodyear tires, and a rebuild of the old Autolite carb to correct all the hardened seals and gaskets (thanks, Jet Performance in Huntington Beach!) was all it really needed.

And it was on the road again for the next two years!


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